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Commitments to sustainability in food and production

…think about what you eat and where food comes from!

In our restaurant and kitchen we consider a policy that is closely linked to responsibility, ecology and a socially responsible manner. Unsustainable and irresponsible agricultural practices are a huge threat to species and habitats around the world, while overfishing is the greatest immediate threat to ocean life.
Our partners who supply us with food e.g. meat, fish, vegetables and wine are obliged to species appropriate farming and sustainable production methods. Whenever possible we work together with local farmers and producers.
We make sure that the fish we buy comes from a well-managed fishery. Since a couple of years you won’t find tuna fish on our menu list because most types of tuna belong to a threatened species. Our oceans are being seriously over fished. So much so, that unless action is taken some of our favourite fish may disappear from the restaurant table.
As well we do not sell Vietnamese Pangasius fish from Aquacultures. Misuse of antibiotics and water resources are problems that are closely attached to this form of fishing industry.

We cannot support poultry farms where animals are slaughtered 40 days after they were born. Our poultry comes from Swiss farms, it is brought up in outdoor reproductive systems that respect their natural habitat and care for the welfare of the animals.

On our wine list you will find several wines that are produced and bottled in South Africa. You might argue that the long distance has a negative impact on the environment but you have to consider that shipping is an energy saving method of transport compared to deliverys by trucks.

With our engagement we want to support respectful,sustainable and responsible practices towards breeding, farming and consummation, if we rethink the way we produce and distribute food, and what we eat, we can minimize the impact on our environment and the animals that share it with us.


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