26. 09. 2014
Opening hours at Christmas and on New Years Eve
During Christmas-time our opening hours are

24.12.14 open for lunch and dinner; Christmas Menu, reservation required
25.12.14 open from 11:00; Christmas (...)
Christmas menus
19. 09. 2014
Autumn - time for venison
When days are getting shorter we usually start our autumn menus and venison specialities. Saddle of venison, carved at your table, is one of the dishes we are (...)
Time for Venison
01. 05. 2014
Book your Christmas Party now!
It is always advisable to book the Christmas party as early as possible in order to have the right venue. If you are looking for a theme or some activities, we (...)
Panorama photos of our restaurant
19. 10. 2013
Candlelight Dinner
Every Saturday Night candlelight will brighten the restaurant and invites for a romantic dinner. Choose between a fondue Bacchus or our à la carte - menu. Boo (...)
Panorama photos of our restaurant
28. 09. 2013
Commitments to sustainability in food and production
…think about what you eat and where food comes from!

In our restaurant and kitchen we consider a policy that is closely linked to responsibility, ecology an (...)
04. 08. 2013
Wedding - all inclusive
Everthing is included in our all inclusive wedding - except champagne and the bride. To plan a wedding-party is pretty complexe. After the party many unforseen (...)
The wedding menu
29. 10. 2010
Legends about Saffron
The Persians coloured their clothes with saffron. Alexander the Great, pitched his camp in Kashmir on a plain covered with purple Crocus and when he woke up th (...)
Legends about saffron
30. 12. 2000
“Tuna fishing, one of the most important fisheries in the world is showing strong signs of collapse. It is most likely that this fishery will disappear entirel (...)
Support Greenpeace
24. 08. 2000
Pictures of the South African Golf Days 2009
On our homepage you find some photos of the last South African Golf Days.
Photos of the 9th SAGD


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